Cash Advances

Cash Advances for High Risk Businesses

The Staff

We believe we have the most knowledgeable and dedicated people in the industry. Our sales people are trained to understand your business and to be sensitive to your needs. Many members of our staff, in fact, have been on the other side of the equation, so they have a very personal awareness of the issues involving small business owners.


Our advanced IT system promises fast, accurate and responsive service. This gives customers access to quick answers regarding funding. Our password secured system allows merchants to see their up-to-date sales and cash advance balances.

Educating Our Merchants

Why should you consider us for a cash advance? We believe we have set ourselves apart from other companies that provide alternative funding by placing an emphasis on educating our merchants.

Before we do business with any merchant, we make certain they have a complete understanding of the funding arrangement. We are also careful to set realistic terms with merchants based on their particular earning profiles in order to minimize the possibility of future cash flow problems. Whether you sell high risk products online or from a store, you have a maximum percentage of gross revenues that you can afford to pay back each month to meet your financial obligation (called a “safe retrieval percentage”). We make sure you stay within this limit so as not to cause you cash flow distress. In addition, we make clear disclosure of all costs upfront.

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