Virtual Checking

Evergreen Gateway Virtual Checking Solutions

Challenging government regulations place great limitations on banking solutions for high risk businesses, making it difficult to locate banks willing to open bank accounts.

We can help improve your business and streamline overall operational efficiency with our virtual checking and payment solutions. We serve retail, wholesale, and e-commerce businesses. We work with all types of retailers and manufacturers, and are focused on delivering quality service to our clients in high-risk businesses.

Benefits of the Evergreen Gateway Virtual Checking System:

  • Virtual Checking Account(s) for daily operations (e.g., paying employees, purchasing products, etc.)
  • Debit card provided
  • NO credit check
  • NO employment verification
  • NO credit card or bank account needed
  • NO hidden fees

Our digital checks are fully negotiable. They may be printed and deposited as an ordinary check, negotiated in person at a participating financial institution, sent as email attachments to third parties, printed and mailed to third parties, or printed and deposited electronically using any financial institution’s “smart-phone” or other electronic deposit application.

Not only can your business use our digital checks, but your customers can also use them to purchase products from your store. All they need is their own Evergreen Gateway virtual checking account. For more information, check out

Currently, we offer online virtual checking services which allow us to serve high risk businesses anywhere in the world. Our virtual checking solutions provide all the right products to help high risk businesses grow and prosper; and so will yours!

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