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About Evergreen Gateway

Leaders In Our Industry

Evergreen Gateway

Since 2008 Evergreen Gateway has been a leader in providing all high-risk business types with merchant services and other vital ecommerce and retail solutions. We think differently than conventional credit card processing companies due to our history in the merchant account industry.

Our experience spans across the payments processing landscape and includes software, hardware, POS systems, merchant accounts, ecommerce accounts, credit, debit card processing, ACH, and mobile payments.

We are experts within the field of payments and merchant accounts. Our mission and vision is to provide needed customer support services to all businesses within these areas.

We take a long-term approach to business, and we understand that our value is contingent upon delivering.

Jennifer Whalen

Message from our President

Our vision and passion for future payment solutions has inspired our initiatives. We are part of the constant changes in technology in the industry and drive that change. We always find compliant ways to integrate the best payment solutions to keep our clients on the cutting edge. As the founder and president of Evergreen Gateway, I am responsible for the ongoing strategic and technology growth of the company to support our clients best!

Jennifer Whalen

What Makes Us Different

Evergreen understands the constantly evolving payment processing industry and are committed to providing merchants and ISO’s with the services that will ensure their business grows. We are a well-established company, with thousands of merchants processing on our processing platforms.
Evergreen provides a full suite of services for small, mid-sized to large retail business, chain stores, franchises, restaurants, and dealerships, including nationwide credit and debit card processing, loyalty/gift card programs, plugins, POS systems, as well as phone and tablet solutions.
We offer major internet merchant account solutions, providing credit card processing and gateway services. We have simplified the process of accepting credit cards online or via phone for merchants selling goods or services.
Our commitment is to the excellence and satisfaction of our Merchants and ISOs. We are also committed to superior technology and expanding our partnerships with industry leaders, allowing us to deliver value-added services.

Become a Partner

We provide competitive buy rates, detailed reporting, compliant solutions and residual income.
You will receive a dedicated relationship manager to help you grow and learn best practices.

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With an abundance of knowledge and experience, we have the right people who can support your operations.


Since 2008 Evergreen Gateway has been a leader in providing all high-risk business types.


We are a well-established company, with thousands of merchants on our processing platforms.